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SDLP welcome on United Ireland ground

9 November, 2010 - by Maeve McLaughlin

Sinn Féin MLA for Foyle Martina Anderson has said she welcomes the SDLP move to ‘come onto United Ireland ground’.

Speaking today Martina said;

“So at their conference over the weekend the SDLP have gone from a party who are happy to still swear allegiance to a British Queen, a party that believed we were living in a ‘post-nationalist era’ to now advocating a United Ireland.

From Sinn Féin’s perspective the more shoulders to the wheel the better.

At the weekend we heard a lot of talk from the SDLP about the economy but no actual proposals; on one hand they told us they would oppose cuts yet on the other hand they say the wish to form a ‘centre ground’ alliance with none other than the party aligned to the British Tories.

Sinn Féin has set out our proposals for the economy in the north, it is disappointing that the DSD Minister for example didn’t take the weekend to outline what he plans to do in the time ahead. Sinn Féin believes, for example, that his department could generate up to £250 million pounds through exploring greater borrowing powers for the Housing, it would be interesting to hear from the Minister what he makes of that.

Nevertheless, Sinn Féin welcomes this latest SDLP move and encourages more and more parties to see the benefits of a United Ireland and join with us in achieving it.” CRÍOCH

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