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Gerry Adams to Open ‘The Act of Enclosure’ exhibition by Eve Parnell

10 November, 2010 - by Pat Sheehan, Westminster

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP MLA will officially open a new exhibition of work by Eve Parnell on Friday November 12th in the Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse St, Dublin 2.

‘The Act of Enclosure’ is an exhibition of pencil drawings of trees on paper.

Eve Parnell has held previous exhibitions, including ‘Grasshopper’ which was an exhibition of large high quality photographs of the natural world.

Last year she had exhibitions in the Birr Theatre; the Pearse Museum and The Lab in Dublin and earlier this year she was showing in a group show called Tondo in Pearse Street Library.

Mr. Adams said:

“I have a great fondness for trees. I am therefore very pleased to have been asked by Eve Parnell to officially open her exhibition of pencil drawings. These offer another view of the natural world and recognise and celebrate the beauty, strength and presence of trees.”

Some previous Exhibitions by Eve Parnell


Photographs by

20th February – 25th March 2010

Open Mon- Sat 10am-6pm
Open late when show on in main theatre.

This exhibition of large, high-quality photographs brings us to leafy worlds. While popular folklore and mythology stretching back to ancient times has woven stories around the tiny creatures that live in these places, to many they inhabit an alien universe. Yet, as the entomologist and biologist know, their world is also ours and these images, of light and dappled shade, of earth and plant life, invite us to explore and delight in it. The resilient delicacy of natural structures and the interconnecton of all living things is the stuff of both science and poetry.

The Mill is delighted to welcome Eve back for a second show of her work, her first was “Irish Skies” in July 2007. 2009 was a very busy year for Eve;
‘Receipt for Life’ Solo Exhibition, Birr Theatre and Arts Centre, Co. Offaly,
‘A Passion for Freedom’ Solo Exhibition, The Pearse Museum,
Public Gesture, (group show) The Lab, Dublin,
Eve is currently showing in a group show Tondo
in Pearse St. Library until February 27th

A Passion for Freedom
Solo Exhibition at The Pearse Museum, Dublin, August 11th – October 4th 2009

In this deceptively simple installation, Eve Parnell plays with notions of boundaries and scale to create an experience of surreality which at the same time obliges the viewer to be keenly conscious of his or her own presence in the space.

The tall windows in this classically proportioned room are dressed with muslin draperies which flow beyond floor level and ripple out in large, fan-like arcs creating a delicate yet definite barrier. The focus of the viewer in this otherwise empty room is thus drawn to the window, its light, and the airy views beyond, while simultaneously an awareness is created that access to the window itself is being denied. There is a taunting gesture about the billowing, gauze-like fabric which causes us to pause at its edges and allows us to inhabit only a portion of the room.

The distorted scale of the installation works to create that sense of unease which we associate with the disproportions of dreams and there is a fine tension between this and our awareness of ourselves in the “gallery-like” space with all the attendant constraints. No sign is needed to deter us walking across the fabric.
And why is that?

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