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Martin McGuinness comments on Gerry Adams Dáil initiative

14 November, 2010

Commenting on the announcement from Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams that he intends to resign from the Assembly and seek election to the Dail in County Louth, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said:

“The decision by Gerry to leave one of the safest seats in Ireland to seek election to the Dáil in Louth and to play a central role in the battle for Ireland’s economic recovery is leadership in action.

“It is the sort of leadership this country needs at this time in our history. I have obviously spoken with Gerry about this decision and in my view people across Ireland will welcome this bold initiative.

“The decisions taken by the Irish people in the months ahead will have an effect for generations. Gerry’s status as a political leader, negotiator and strategist is unquestioned. He will bring unique qualities to the Dáil and to the national effort required to rebuild the economy and protect frontline public services.” ENDS

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