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McGuinness tells Civil Service Conference “we are united in our aim of promoting sustainable economic growth for the benefit of all.”

16 November, 2010

Speaking to a Civil Service Conference -NICS LIVE – this morning deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness said:

“We are undoubtedly facing a depressed economic climate. But let me assure you that we are united in our aim of promoting sustainable economic growth for the benefit of all. As politicians, we face the economic and political problems of how to grow the economy, maintain public sector employment and tackle disadvantage for all our people. Meeting these challenges will require investment and new ways of working. However we also face a government in London that believes you can cut your way out of a recession.

“We are united in challenging this regressive approach and getting the best deal for our people, including the powers to raise revenue. And we are united in our determination to safeguard public services and safeguard jobs in the public sector. Currently we are undertaking intense work to develop both a programme for government and a budget. We are determined to develop a programme for government which is a road map out of recession and into growth.

Mr McGuinness emphasised:

“We need to agree the right budget, a budget that delivers. This will require new thinking, new ways of working and new revenue and borrowing streams.”

The deputy First Minister welcomed the fact that there was a workshop focused on the benefits of North South co-operation as we realise efficiencies and develop services on a cross border and all island level pointing out that: “These changes are about delivering quality and cost effective services to our people and this is the type of innovative, collaborative working we need to tackle the financial challenges we face.

“While much has been achieved, we also need creative ideas, blue sky thinking on how we deliver services in an efficient and effective manner. Nothing should be beyond consideration.

Mr. McGuinness concluded: “We have faced many dilemmas in the peace process and I am sure with creative thinking, with unity of purpose and with the right strategy we can deliver for all our people.” ENDS

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