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Unsatisfactory British response to Finucane demand

7 April, 2004

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP and MLA, Bairbre de Brún MLA and Philip McGuigan MLA this morning met the British Secretary of State Paul Murphy.

Sinn Féin had requested the meeting after the publication of the Cory report and the British governments refusal to hold an enquiry in the killing of Pat Finucane. The party is also concerned at the British governments attitude to the issue of collusion and of truth processes.

Speaking after the meeting Mr. Adams revealed that he has discussed these matters in recent days with senior officials from both governments, and has written to both the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and to the British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Mr Adams said:

"At the meeting this morning we put it very directly to Paul Murphy that there should be an immediate, independent international inquiry into the killing of Pat Finucane and I have to say that instead of facing up to that issue he retreated into the double speak of Weston Park. It was a totally unsatisfactory outcome.

We also put it to him that the broad effect within nationalism and republicanism by the refusal of this government to face up to issues which occurred in the time of other governments is contaminating the broad view of Mr. Blair's attitude on these issues.

And finally we told him that any discussions about any truth processes would have to be independent of their stewardship and international. There is clearly no way that a British government can facilitate or take responsibility for such processes as the British government is a protagonist, a combatant in this situation."

The Sinn Féin President went on to point out that the culmination of the Cory investigation and of others like Stevens is to prove that there "was collusion between the agencies of the state and unionist paramilitaries in the killing of citizens and I put it directly to Paul Murphy that this is the crux issue which the government is behaving in a cowardly way about. It is refusing to face up to its responsibilities in this matter."ENDS

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