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McGuinness: Conway Mill offers hope for the future

25 November, 2010

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MP, MLA has described the £5million Conway Mill project as a shining example of how our economy can work in a sustainable way.

Speaking at the opening of the project today Mr McGuinness went on to describe the project as an inspiration and a tribute the vision of the local community.

The Minister said: “While others saw an old mill that could be knocked down, the committee saw an opportunity. The project is based the notion of self help and about empowering people to define their own future, to take charge of their economy, their education and their identity. All people, given the opportunity and support will prosper.

“For too long the issue of economic stewardship has been portrayed as the central and only concern of government. Tackling disadvantage and inequality has been seen as being some kind of charitable act.

“This is fundamental misrepresentation. The economy is here to serve the people. It is not for the people to serve the economy. It is not for the people to pay for the excessive profits of bankers or speculators. It is for people to create and share the wealth.

“The Mill and projects like it are the embodiment of how the economy can work in a sustainable way. It is about creating opportunities and building networks. It is about economic and social development moving forward hand in hand.

"I particularly welcome that OFMDFM was able to contribute £730,000 to assist in the refurbishment of the Mill."

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