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More than 6,000 patients still awaiting scans at Tallaght Hospital – Crowe

25 November, 2010

Sinn Féin Councillor Seán Crowe has called for the immediate release of the National Audit on Radiology after it was revealed 7 million x-rays are being reviewed nationally.

Councillor Crowe also revealed that more than 6,000 patients are awaiting scans or ultrasounds at Tallaght Hospital.

Speaking today Councillor Crowe said:

“At the publication of the Hayes report at Tallaght Hospital Dr Barry White mentioned that 7 million x-rays were being reviewed nationally. This was widely uncommented on at the time but it seriously concerned me and I would call for the immediate publication of the national audit on radiology in order to bring some clarity and attention to the matter.

“In response to a question from me at the Regional Health Forum, the Assistant National Director, Mr Gerry O’Neill confirmed that there are more than 6,000 patients still awaiting scans or ultrasounds at Tallaght Hospital.

“It is more than two years now since I raised the shortage of radiologists at Tallaght Hospital live on TV at my party’s Ard Fheis. This shortage ultimately led to files not being read and the launch of the Hayes inquiry.

“The recruitment embargo led to a shortage of radiologists which in turn led to longer lists. The longer lists were punished by the HSE with a cut in funding. This is the bizarre system which is in place under this Minister and this Government and it is this system which is ultimately responsible for the debacle with the unchecked scans.

“Also, the Hayes report points to a shortage in typists being available to process x-rays already reported upon. The voluntary redundancy scheme of 3,600 support staff and the recruitment embargo ensuring no replacement clerical staff can be employed can only compound this problem.

“I insisted that the Hayes findings be discussed at the next Regional Forum meeting and I intend to highlight my many concerns at that meeting.” ENDS

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