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Sinn Féin offers new ideas, new politics and real leadership – Doherty

30 November, 2010 - by Pearse Doherty TD

Sinn Féin offers new ideas, new politics and real leadership – Doherty

Speaking as he arrived at Leinster House today to take his seat in the Dáil after winning the Donegal South West by-election Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty said:

“Firstly I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the people of Donegal South West for putting their faith in me to represent them in the Dáil. It is a huge honour.

“I want to reiterate to those voters that I fully intend to honour the manifesto on which I fought the by-election campaign.

“I am very proud to be joining my fellow Sinn Féin TDs today in what is the only real political opposition in Leinster House.

“I have been given a very clear mandate to oppose the savage anti-people budget that this Government is planning, to oppose cuts to public services and social welfare and to oppose IMF interference in Ireland.

“The platform on which I stood was one which advocated a better, fairer way for Ireland.

“Sinn Féin is the only party putting forward a constructive alternative in the Dáil.

“We have advocated a recovery programme that involves stimulating the economy, creating jobs, protecting the most vulnerable in society and ensuring that those who can afford to pay their fair share do so.

“It is time to change the direction of Irish politics. It is time to end cronyism and corruption and to reform our political institutions.

“Sinn Féin has proposed that cuts can indeed be made but that they should be made at the top and not at the bottom.

“Let us begin by cutting the salaries of Government Misters by 40% and the salaries of TDs by 20%.

“What we need is new ideas, new politics and real leadership. That is what Sinn Féin offers. That is what I am in politics for.

“I met an incredible number of people during the by-election campaign. Many were in real hardship, struggling to make ends meet. They are living in real fear of this government’s cuts agenda, an agenda it must be said that is broadly shared by Fine Gael and Labour.

“The problems faced by these people are still there today. Dealing with those problems and those fears, defending the livelihoods of ordinary working families and creating a viable future for our young people to live and work in their own country – that is the challenge which faces us now and that will be my focus in the Dáil.” ENDS

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