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Unemployment figures - the price of ‘failed Fianna Fáil policies’ - Morgan

9 December, 2010

Speaking today after the release of the Quarterly National Household Survey for the third quarter of 2010, Sinn Fein Spokesperson on Enterprise, Arthur Morgan said that the figures were a result of ‘failed Fianna Fáil policies’.

“There are an astonishing 19,200 more people unemployed now than this time last year. The upward trend in unemployment figures is a clear signal that Fianna Fáil policies are not working and continue to fail the people of this State.

“It is time this Government woke up. The lesson is simple: Banks bailouts don’t create jobs, investment will.

“Budget 2011 was a wasted opportunity. The Minister said that the Government were going to help the unemployed through the creation of an additional 15,000 activation places in internships and work placements.

“There are nearly 300,000 unemployed people in this State without any work at all, thousands of people are emigrating and they are only making provision for 15,000 places. How does this add up?

“The Government’s argument that cutting jobless benefits will ultimately encourage people to find work is not only offensive but impossible when the jobs simply don’t exist.

“Unemployment is the true gauge of economic performance. Today’s figures show that Fianna Fáil have ruined this State and failed its people.

“The Government have failed to stimulate the economy or invest in job creation. Tey have instead fostered the conditions for a prolonged crisis.” END

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