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Sinn Féin to lodge Petition of Concern on DUP Victims Motion

13 December, 2010 - by Ian Milne

Sinn Féin Victims Spokesperson, Francie Molloy MLA (Mid-Ulster) has confirmed that the Party’s Petition of Concern in relation to the proposed DUP Motion attempting to change the definition of a victim will take effect today.

Mr. Molloy said:

“Sinn Féin lodged a Petition of Concern on Friday against a proposed Motion to be debated in the Assembly this afternoon that would have the effect of changing the definition of a victim.

“We believe that this attempt to run roughshod over the rights of some victims is nothing short of an insult, not just to the victims but especially to their survivors who cherish their memories.

“Sinn Féin will not stand by and allow the DUP or anyone else to be selective about or redefine who was a victim of the conflict from which we have emerged.” CRÍOCH

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