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Sinn Féin comment after Belfast emergency response meeting at City Hall

31 December, 2010

Sinn Féin Belfast Council Group Leader Cllr Jim McVeigh speaking after a multi-statutory meeting organised by the party at City Hall this afternoon has called for the creartion of an emergency response forum for Belfast consisting of all the relevant agencies.
Speaking after the meeting Jim said;
“It was unfortunate that for very cynical party-political reasons the Mayor of Belfast, Cllr Pat Convery, tried to exclude a number of Sinn Féin Councillors from attending today’s meeting; after being reconvened we ensured that a broad representation of Sinn Féin Councillors from across the city were in attendance.
From the beginning, Sinn Féin’s focus has been on getting results for people, to practically help them and to ensure the Council was doing everything in its power to assist those people, that is the reason why I met with the Council’s Chief Executive earlier in the week and convened this important meeting.”
Cllr Deirdre Hargey, who was also at the meeting added;
“We want to commend those Council staff who, alongside many community activists, have been on the ground over the last number of days, dealing with issues around water and access to water.
However the real problem remains for those countless Housing Executive and Housing Association tenants still without heating, water, electricity and many in urgent need of repairs. This is why our party felt it important to get the various agencies around the one table and bring the much needed, necessary focus to this situation.”
Cllr Conor Maskey concluded;
“What we need to see now is additional information from all of these organisations about what practical measures they are taking to assist people, be that repairs for Housing Executive tenants, timings for water zoning from NI Water, what the situation is for people without insurance, what is being done in terms of health implications and sanitation provision as well as payments for people who have had damage to their homes.
We look forward to continued engagement over the coming days in relation to the ongoing problems facing many throughout the city.” CRÍOCH

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