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Sinn Féin to meet Housing Executive Chief Exec on handling of weather crisis

5 January, 2011 - by Fra McCann

Sinn Féin MLA and Housing spokesperson Fra McCann will lead a party delegation in meeting with the Chief Executive of the Housing Executive on Friday morning.

The meeting will focus on the organisations handling of the recent weather crisis and will seek clarity for Housing Executive and Association tenants who are still left with outstanding repairs required.

Speaking ahead of the meeting Fra said;

“Prior to Christmas countless people across the north were severely impacted upon by the cold weather; many homes were left with no heating or with pipes frozen, this was then exacerbated by the problems arising from the thaw.

The reality for many people, including elected representatives, was that the Housing Executives response was not up to scratch. We were dealing with people being left in sub-zero temperatures and people being unable to contact the relevant authority, in this instance the Housing Executive. The notion that giving people, many of them vulernable or living in socio-deprived areas, electric blow heaters to heat their homes is totally unacceptable and negligent.

Many people remain in these same conditions with no clarity from the Minister as to what actions he will take to ease their burden, when repairs will be carried out and importantly, how they will go about claiming reimbursement for the damage caused to their homes.

It goes without saying however, that many frontline workers did an invaluable job over the Christmas and holiday period and I commend them for that but clearly and unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

At Friday’s meeting we want to know what measures were in place and then taken to actively assist those many tenants languishing with little or no help from the Minister or indeed his department.” CRÍOCH

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