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Taoiseach and Government long past sell by date – McDonald

15 January, 2011

Speaking in Dublin today Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald has said it is time for a new Government, new policies and a new direction.  Ms McDonald said the current crisis is not about Brian Cowen or his personal credibility but the credibility of the Fianna Fáil/Green Government and their policies.

Ms McDonald said:

“It is very clear that the Taoiseach and the Government are long past their sell-by date.

“They should have resigned long ago.

“This is not just an economic crisis. It is also a democratic crisis.

“It's a democratic crisis because a Government has taken massive decisions with no mandate for them – including bringing in the IMF, doing a deal with them that heaps massive debt on the Irish people, bringing in a very harsh budget of cuts and a five-year plan.

“This is not just about the personality of Brian Cowen or his personal credibility. It's about the credibility of the Fianna Fil/Green Government and their policies.

“It appears that there is no appetite among the would-be leaders of Fianna Fail to take over before the General Election because they know their party is facing melt-down at the hands of the voters.

“Clearly people have no shred of faith left in this Government and it should go.

“But even more important is the need for new policies and a new direction. Their approach to the economic crisis has not worked. A new direction is needed.” ENDS

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