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Sinn Féin will go into intensive talks to do business

10 April, 2004

Sinn Féin Dublin EU candidate Mary Lou McDonald speaking in Howth, at the first of more than 100 commemorations which will take place throughout Ireland over the next three days, called on people to come out this weekend and advance the peace process and support the campaign for Irish Unity and Independence. Ms McDonald said 'the difficulties in the peace process remain centre stage and Sinn Féin is determined to go into the proposed intensive talks to do business. The big question is are the two governments and other parties just as eagar to make progress at this time."

Ms McDonald said:

"Over the next three days, more than 100 commemorations will take place across all 32 Counties as republicans come together to honour Ireland's patriot dead and to set out our priorities for the time ahead.

"The difficulties in the peace process remain centre stage and there will be high expectations surrounding the proposed intensive talks due to take place at the end of the month. Sinn Féin will go into these talks to do business. We will go into the talks to get the political institutions back up and running, to get what was agreed last October and in the Agreement itself implemented on policing, equality, human rights, Irish language and a whole range of other issues.

"Republicans have demonstrated time and time again our willingness to take risks and reach agreement. Six years on from the Good Friday Agreement, our commitment and our hard work on behalf of this process is unequalled by any other participant. It comes from our desire to see an end to conflict and a new future for everyone on this island.

" But in the long term a process cannot be sustained on the goodwill and actions of one party. For a process to work it requires the engagement of all the participants and it requires the two Governments to live up to their word and not repeatedly walk away from deals. Sinn Féin is going into the talks to do business, the question is are the two Governments and the other parties just as eagar to make progress at this time."ENDS

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