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Where is SDLP corporate donor list?

18 January, 2011 - by Westminster

Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty has accused the SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie of back tracking on a promise to publish the details of the SDLP corporate donors and accused the party of ‘once again joining with the unionists in keeping party donations secret’.

Mr Doherty said:

“When Margaret Ritchie was running for the leadership of the SDLP she promised to publish the list of SDLP corporate donors by April 2010. She said that this was vital to make politics here more transparent. But when push came to shove the SDLP leader reneged on her commitment citing the Westminster election as the reason for her failure to publish.

“Yet here we are almost a year on and still no sign of the SDLP donor list. And to add insult to injury the SDLP have once again joined with the unionists in urging the NIO to pass legislation keeping corporate donations to political parties here secret.

“Sinn Féin publish our accounts north and south for scrutiny. We do not receive corporate donations. The principal donors to the party operation in the six counties are our assembly team.

“Given the corruption of politics in the south mainly by the SDLPs sister party and the concerns in the north over certain parties links to property developers the public have a right to expect parties who preach the need for openness and transparency to follow through with their actions.”

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