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SDLP/UUP no show at OFMDFM Committee

19 January, 2011 - by Maeve McLaughlin


OFMDFM Committee Member Martina Anderson MLA (Foyle) has criticised the SDLP and UUP on their non-appearance at today’s OFMDFM Committee hearing.


Ms Anderson said:


“Both Joint First Ministers appeared before the Committee of OFMDFM today making themselves available for questioning on budgetary matters. No SDLP or UUP Members attended this important meeting. Considering the incessant complaining by both the SDLP and UUP that they were not given the opportunity for input into Budget discussions I would have thought that they would have availed of today’s opportunity to question the Joint First Ministers.


“Their absence today clearly demonstrates that their public whinging in recent months about not being consulted and lack of detail was no more than playing to the cameras for political point scoring purposes rather than concern about claimed exclusion from the budgetary process.

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