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Labour flip flopping on tax policy to suit Fine Gael – McDonald

30 January, 2011

Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald has accused the Labour Party of flip flopping on its taxation policy on the eve of the general election after the party dropped its proposal to introduce a new 48% tax on individual earnings over €100,000.

Ms McDonald said it is obvious that negotiations between Fine Gael and Labour on a programme for Government had already began with Labour dropping a progressive taxation proposal in favour of the regressive Universal Social Charge.

She said:

“The Labour Party is clearly dropping this policy to suit Fine Gael in its bid to prop up a yet another conservative led Government.

“In dropping its proposal to introduce the a progressive new 48% tax on earnings over individual €100,000 the Labour Party is confirming its support for the regressive Universal Social Charge which indiscriminately targets the lowest earners in Irish society.

“If this is the Labour Party in opposition then god help us if they get into Government.” ENDS

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