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Disappointment at Dublin Council of Trade Unions Decision to cancel march

14 April, 2004

Sinn Féin Representative for Dublin South East, Daithí Doolan, expressed disappointment today at the decision by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions to cancel their annual May Day march and rally.

Mr. Doolan said

"While I fully respect the DCTUs decision taken last night, I feel it is a very sad day for trade unions. For many years the trade unions here in Dublin were the voice of working people now they appear to be making themselves redundant. The reason given for the decision to cancel was that there might be violence at the May Day rally organised by 'Another Europe Is possible'. This simply not good enough and totally untrue. Despite media hype there is no evidence of any organisations preparing for anything other than a good family, celebration on May Day.

The trade union movement in this city has a long and proud tradition of standing up for worker‚s rights and taking to the streets to voice their opinions. It is important that this activity is not simply reduced to the pages of history because of rumour and media hype.

The May Day activities organised by Another Europe Is Possible offered a great opportunity to trade unions to reengage with people they claim to represent. Instead they choose to further distance themselves from where people are at. Having spoken to delegates from last night‚s meeting and expressed my disappointment, I understand it was a slim margin by which the motion to host a march was defeated."

Mr. Doolan concluded by calling on the Council of Trade Unions to reevaluate their decision and show the leadership necessary. "It is time for all trade unions to come back onto the streets where they belong and to support the May Day celebrations." ENDS

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