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Lisbon and EU/IMF two bad deals for Ireland – McDonald

7 February, 2011

Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald has said the EU’s encroachment on Ireland’s sovereignty is the inevitable result of bad deals negotiated by this Government and supported by Fine Gael and Labour.

Ms McDonald said the Lisbon Treaty and the EU/IMF deals are both bad for Ireland and now the EU has its sights set on Ireland’s taxation system with a particular focus on our corporation tax.

She said:

“Sinn Féin has consistently warned that the EU wants to get its hands on our corporation tax and on our overall economic policy.

“During two referenda on the Lisbon the Government, supported by Fine Gael and Labour, told us to vote yes for jobs, accused my party of scaremongering and threatened that if we didn’t vote for Lisbon we would face economic ruin on the outskirts of Europe.

“Well here we are now, having ratified the Lisbon Treaty, on the outskirts of Europe, in economic ruin with massive unemployment and the EU looking for control of our taxation policy.

“And now the Government, again supported by Fine Gael and Labour, have negotiated a deal with the EU and the IMF which lumbers us with €67.5billion of debt over half of which is to be put into insolvent banks.

“Well Sinn Féin says enough is enough. We cannot afford this level of debt.

“Yes we want to be at the heart of Europe but we want to be part of a Europe of equals where member states co-operate on as they see fit rather than coming under pressure from the European super states.

“The EU/IMF deal must be turned down. We cannot afford this level of debt and anyone who advocates this deal must explain how we can pay it back.” ENDS

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