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McGimpsey must restore confidence in health system.

7 February, 2011 - by Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Féin MLA and vice chair of the Health Committee Michelle O’Neill has stated that there is an urgency now for Micheal McGimpsey to address the low level of public confidence in the Health system.

“Michael McGimpsey needs to make urgent moves to restore public confidence both in the operation of the Health Service and in his ability to continue as Minister.

“While I welcome that fact that there will be an urgent review it comes after the Minister having knowledge of this matter for over 13 months.

“Further to this there is public concern to the fact that the senior consultant is still employed by the trust and in receipt of bonuses despite not actually treating patients.

“In recent months we have had the C-diff scandal, the debacle around A&E in Antrim, the McDermott brothers in Donagh, the failure to tackle swine flu properly,  a critical report into safety at the Royal hospital for Sick Children,  the X-Ray issue in Altnagalvin and now the recall of over 100 patients at the RVH a year after the Trust first knew of a problem.

“People are rightly asking questions of the Minister and his leadership of this department. This is a Minister who has at best been semi detached from the Executive and who recently put attending a press conference in front of attending an important Executive meeting.

“He has failed to keep the Assembly, the Executive and the Health Committee informed, but more crucially his drip feed of information is continuing to undermine public confidence in the health service. This is unacceptable.”

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