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Greens’ plucked SF campaign budget out of thin air - Quinlivan

7 February, 2011

Sinn Féin election campaign manager Maurice Quinlivan has said that the Green Party’s media opportunity which took place yesterday regarding parties’ campaign budgets was not only a ‘silly little publicity stunt’ but that the figure they produced for Sinn Féin’s campaign budget was in fact, completely incorrect.

Mr. Quinlivan said:

“Apart from giving a false and fabricated figure for our party’s election campaign budget, I don’t think this is the kind of thing the public are actually interested in hearing about. The electorate deserve more than this kind of distraction. They deserve to know where each party stands on the real issues of the day.

“The Green Party gave a quote of 250,000 euros as our campaign budget. This is a complete fabrication three times the real figure. Our actual budget is an absolute maximum of 80,000 euros

“This year Sinn Féin is operating a cutback election campaign with no extras or frills. We are not taking out newspaper advertisements in the national media as most other parties will be doing.

"It is our experience that most people do not want to witness stickers, balloons or fanfare during this election. Asides from being inappropriate given the current economic crisis we are in, we simply do not have the funds for such election extras. The Greens have clearly plucked their figure out of thin air.” ENDS

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