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Danny Kennedys decision to raise student fees is his and his alone

8 February, 2011 - by Sue Ramsey

Sinn Féin MLA and Member of the Employment and Learning committee at Stormont is highly critical of the Minister, Danny Kennedy, for considering a raise to Student fees to close to £6,000.

Speaking today MS Ramsey said:

“The feeling out amongst the public is why was an independent report commissioned that stated there would be no increase in student fees but within the space of three months this was over turned despite there being no provision made within this departments budget that would indicate a rise in fees.

“People need to be very clear about where this decision on raising student fees is coming from. Under the system here at Stormont each department is given an allocation and it is up to the Minister where that money is spent.

“For example the Agriculture Minister, Michelle Gildernew,  used part of her allocation to exempt agricultural students from this proposed rise in fees.

“However Danny Kennedy has chosen a different path. It is his decision and his decision alone to raise student fees. In reality we should not be surprised. At the end of the day all Danny Kennedy is doing is following the lead set by his Tory masters in Westminster.
“The UUP stood in the last Westminster election on the Tory platform of public sector cuts and job losses and that is the policy being pursued by Danny Kennedy today. This is a recipe for preventing people from lower income homes accessing third level education and it is unacceptable.

“All parties in previous election manifestos have stated that they are opposed to fees. This remains Sinn Féin position. It is now time for all the other parties to make a stand.”

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