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Sinn Féin submit petition of concern on Veterans bill

9 February, 2011 - by Mickey Brady


Sinn Féin MLA Mickey Brady has stated that the Veterans bill will lead to levels of priviledge in service provision for those who have served in the British army above other members of society.

This follows Sinn Féin submitting a Petition of Concern to the Assembly’s business office which will stop the bill progressing.

Speaking today Mr Brady said:

“The Veterans Bill is about priviledging and providing additional resources to those who have served in the British army.

“What this would allow preferential treatment for British army veterans in access to health care, housing or other public services simply due to that fact that they are veterans.

“Obviously this discrimates against everyone else and creates a hierarchy in terms of of service provision which cannot be justified.

“This is essentially an issue of equality for all in accessing such services and Sinn Féin will have no truck in legislating a level of priviledge for one group over another in our society.

“As such we have submitted a petition of concern with regards to this bill and would invite other parties to join with us in opposing this bill.”

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