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Sinn Féin Supporting Entrepreneurs to Create New Jobs - McDonald

12 February, 2011

Sinn Féin Deputy Leader and General Election Candidate for Dublin Central Mary Lou McDonald has this morning launched the party’s proposals to support existing and potential entrepreneurs.

Mary Lou McDonald said:
“Irish people make good entrepreneurs. People in this state are nearly twice as likely to set up their own business as their European counterparts.  But this does not mean it is easy for would-be entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into businesses. The lack of protection for those whose businesses fail, the difficulty in accessing start up finance and the lack of support in dealing with matters such as regulatory compliance and business management deter many people from taking the leap.
“It’s time to support entrepreneurs in creating new jobs.  We need to make self-employment a real option for those who are unemployed.

“A recession can prove to be a good time for a would-be entrepreneur to turn his or her idea into a business – but proactive objective lead state support is needed. We want a specific Redundancy to Entrepreneurship Scheme to assist workers recently unemployed to establish their own business. Early intervention particularly for skilled workers and professionals is critical if we are to tackle the increase in the  number of long-term unemployed.
“Secondary schools and third level education has a very real part to play in developing a culture of innovation in the workforce. By putting more of a focus on creativity, investigation and ‘thinking outside the box’ in schools and colleges, we can foster entrepreneurship from an early age.
“Sinn Féin wants to see many more young people and women becoming entrepreneurs.  We also want to see more entrepreneurs setting up cooperatives and social enterprises. We would also reduce the costs of doing business through a cap on utility prices, including electricity and gas, for a minimum of 3 years.

“The indigenous economy can and must play a central role in economic recovery. Small businesses are a critical part of the indigenous economy and therefore those who have the ideas to set up new businesses must receive the support and access the finance that they need to create jobs. The recovery will be local. That’s not a catch phrase, it’s a fact.” ENDS

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