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McLellan Rubbishes FF Claims on Farm Tax

14 February, 2011

The Sinn Féin candidate in Cork East, Sandra McLellan, has rubbished a claim by Fianna Fáil candidate Kevin O’Keeffe that Sinn Féin’s tax proposals constitute a threat to farmers. She said there is no proposal to tax farm land. 

McLellan said: “Councillor O’Keeffe has a hard neck attacking Sinn Féin over our policies for rural Ireland given the savage attacks which his government has implemented right across rural Ireland in order to bail out Fianna Fáil’s friends the failed banking and property speculators. 

“We have clear, well thought out proposals including a comprehensive document detailing how the agri food sector can become one of the engines of growth if people reject the austerity policies of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Labour Party. 

“We will also, as the only serious All Ireland party through our MEP and our Minister for Agriculture in the north Michelle Gildernew alongside a strengthened team of Sinn Féin TDs in Leinster House, be fighting for small to medium farmers during the review of the Common Agricultural Policy. 

“Councillor O’Keeffe is deliberately misleading farmers with regard to our tax proposals. In our manifesto we propose to introduce a 1% tax on all assets of over €1 million “excluding working farmland.”  In other words we have no intention whatsoever of taxing farmers in that way because we understand that the market value of farm land often bears little relation to the income that farmers derive from it.” ENDS

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