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Sinn Féin launch Dublin job creation proposals

16 February, 2011

Speaking this afternoon at the launch of Sinn Féin’s job creation proposals specifically for Dublin, Sinn Féin Councillor Seán Crowe said that he was proud to be launching the proposals in his constituency where he urgently wants his party’s proposals to take effect.

Cllr Sean Crowe said that although Dubliners have been particularly hard hit by unemployment,the capital was only part of a much larger group of unemployed people across Ireland affected by the Government’s sabotaging of the state’s economy.

He said that a radically different approach to job creation along with innovative ideas like those in Sinn Féin’sdocument “”Let’s Get Dublin Working” were needed to turn the city around.

Sean Crowe said: 

"Today I am proud to be launching these proposals in my constituency which if implemented, will bring about significant and radical change to our local and national economies.

"Dubliners have been particularly hard – hit by the refusal of the government to intervene in situations where jobs could have been saved. Standing here on this site outside the old and empty Jacobs Biscuit factory is a testament to that failure. Unfortunately, the losses felt here have been replicated around the city of Dublin. From SR Technics in Swords to Dell in Cherrywood, thousand upon thousand of jobs have been lost because this government has either ignored the employees’ innovative proposals to keep companies open, or have failed to commit themselves in effort or time to come up with ideas of their own to sustain employment.

"Sinn Féin have come up with answers. Our proposals are radical, practical and different.

"Among them, is the call for more support tosmall and local businesses which form the backbone of many innercity communities. Priority should not only be given to large manufacturers or factories. Simple support like ensuring small businesses have access to credit or making sure local authority rates are not crippling them and protecting people’s incomes so they have disposable wages, are simple measures which if taken, would make a world of difference.

“Sinn Féin has consistently said that the only way to properly deal with the current economic crisis is to focus on creating and retaining jobs.  We must get people back to work and get them spending again.  That is the only progressive way out of recession.

“Our document 'Let’s get Dublin Working' puts forward, achievable and fully costed proposals that would save and create almost 100,000 jobs in Dublin in 2011.

“Along with supporting Dublin businesses and entrepreneurs, we must invest in infrastructure such as hospitals, schools and public transport.  We must complete the regeneration schemes around the city while investing in community facilities that would create jobs with social benefits for local areas.

“Sinn Féin’s proposals have long- term vision for the city of Dublin.We areprovidingreal, credible and costed proposals and alternatives to get Dubliners back to work and the capital’s economy flourishing again.” ENDS

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