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TG4 stifling the democratic process – Sinn Féin

16 February, 2011

‘A blow to the democratic process’, is how Sinn Féin’s candidate in Galway West, Trevor Ó Clochartaigh, has described the decision by TG4 to invite only three party leaders to take part in a televised debate on that station.

‘This is the most important election in the history of the State and people have a right to hear the views of all party leaders in the first official language’, he says. Although he welcomes the first ever televised debate in Irish between leaders, he maintains that it does not go far enough as only three parties are represented.

‘According to the polls, Sinn Féin have as much, if not more support than Fianna Fáil at present and the people should be allowed to hear about our policies, says Ó Clochartaigh. ‘Sinn Féin is the strongest party when it comes to the Gaeltacht and support for the Irish language and it is therefore also very unfair that our voice will not be heard on the national Irish language channel debate’.

‘The TG4 debate will focus as well, on issues such as regional development, culture and language which will not get as much airtime on other stations and it is essential that the citizens of this country hear how every party leader stands on these issues’, he maintained. ‘A limited debate such as this is not healthy, at a time when meaningful debate on all the issues is crucial’, said Ó Clochartaigh.

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