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Gerry Adams – If Labour is so opposed to FG policies why do they want to be in Government with them

18 February, 2011 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams speaking on the campaign trail in Louth this morning said, “If Eamon Gilmore has so many problems with Fine Gael’s austerity measures and thinks their economic plan doesn’t add up then why on earth does he want to go into a Coalition Government with Fine Gael to help them inflict such misery.”

Mr. Adams said:

“For the last two weeks the Labour Party has been in panic mode. They have spent a small fortune attacking Fine Gael about their austerity measures and saying their economic plan doesn’t add up.

“Fine Gael have been perfectly clear about what they intend to do in government. They will pump €30 billion into insolvent banks. They will keep the Universal Social Charge, they will cut social welfare payments by €18 over the next three budgets and they will sack 30,000 public sector workers.

“Their policies will be a disaster. If Eamon Gilmore’s problems with Fine Gael’s policies are genuine then instead of trying to get into government with them he should be about building an alternative.

“No one will be fooled by any Labour spin about keeping a check on Fine Gael. That is what the PDs and the Greens said.” ENDS

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