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Sinn Féin offers credible alternative way forward for Ireland – Adams

21 February, 2011 - by Pat Sheehan

Gerry Adams Sinn Féin President and General Election candidate for the Louth constituency is in Cork today to join the five Sinn Fein Cork candidates, Paul Hayes; Sandra McLellan; Des O Grady; Jonathan O Brien and Chris O Leary.

Speaking at a press conference this morning Mr Adams repeated his call for a referendum on the EU/IMF bailout so that the Irish people can have a say in the handing over of taxpayers money to failed banks.

Mr. Adams said: “The banking system is bust. The government and Fine Gael and Labour plan to pour tens of billions of taxpayers money into a broken banking system.
This approach will push the state further along the path of sovereign default.

“It is the wrong approach. It will not work and it will impose a huge burden of debt that will cause increasing distress for the vulnerable and low and middle income earners in the years ahead.

“The people have the right to be heard in a referendum on this vital issue for our future.”

The Sinn Féin leader also spelt out Sinn Fein’s alternative strategy.

Mr. Adams said:

“In January in Cork I set out Sinn Féin’s programme for future economic stability and growth.

• The Regeneration of the economy
• The protection and creation of jobs
• Ending the two-tier health system
• Root and branch political reform to produce a genuine republican form of Government which empowers citizens
• The proper use of Ireland’s natural resources for the common good
• Continued support for the Peace Process, Good Friday Agreement and further outreach to the unionist community

“The need for this strategy, and in particular for a job stimulus to create employment, is very apparent here in Cork and in Munster which have been devastated by the bad decisions of the Fianna Fáil /Green Party government.

“Sinn Féin is making job creation a priority. We have launched a ten-point plan which lays out clearly how our policies and our proposals would make huge inroads into addressing the current unemployment crisis.

“Sinn Féin is the only party proposing to invest in a jobs stimulus fund.

“Our stimulus is about providing immediate and direct employment in key sectors such as infrastructure in the immediate term.

“It’s about creating jobs and giving people hope for the future.

“Here in Cork that means:

• Investing in key infrastructure such as the Eastern Gateway Bridge to open up docklands and an Outer Ring Road on the city’s Northside
• Building and staffing a network of 21 primary care centres across the city
• Developing the potential of agribusiness and food products in Cork
• Investing in publicly-run childcare facilities in the city
• Helping indigenous businesses in Cork access export markets outside Britain and the US

“This economic strategy will ensure that working families are better off.

“Next Friday voters have the opportunity to change the face of politics.

“A Fine Gael Government, with or without Labour, will continue to target the low paid, those relying on welfare and public sector workers.

“Sinn Féin is the only party that can and will offer robust opposition to this agenda.
Strong opposition will be needed to curb the worst excesses of Fine Gael in government. Sinn Féin will stand up for ordinary working families.” ENDS

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