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Sinn Féin demand action after Saver Naver fraud exposed

23 February, 2011 - by Ian Milne

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Victims issues Francie Molloy has said that last night’s Spotlight program exposing fraud within unionist victims group Saver Naver, raised a number of very serious issues including the role of unionist politicians in any cover-up of the illegal activity.

Mr Molloy said:

“There are currently a number of investigations going on into the financial activities of three unionist victims groups – Saver Naver, Fair and West Tyrone Voice. Last night’s Spotlight programme exposed in a very clear way significant illegal activity going on within Saver Naver. It also raised a number of very serious matters regarding the role if various unionist politicians in what appears to have been little more than a cover-up.

“Danny Kennedy and in particular William Irwin of the DUP need to make clear public statements. Did they immediately inform the PSNI about the fraudulent goings on within Saver Naver or did they instead meet with the group and trustees and attempt to cover-up the illegal activity? Did any of these politicians tip off Saver Naver that an audit was about to begin?

“It is also important that the PSNI make their position clear. Last night we had individuals openly admitting to forging invoices and submitting fraudulent claims. Even more serious fraudulent allegations were made against those running Saver Naver. At what stage is the PSNI investigation at? Have there been any arrests made and if not why not? And when can people expect to see those involved in the fraud at every level before the courts? It is clear that many of those involved in Saver Naver enjoy significant unionist political connections. It is important that these political connections are not used to try and subvert the criminal investigation.

“At the end of the day this is public money being stolen on a massive scale. The public and in particular those who operate voluntary and community organisations within the law have every right to expect an open and transparent investigation into this matter and indeed any other criminal issues that may arise from the other ongoing investigations.” ENDS

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