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SDLP denials on opposition don’t hold true

23 February, 2011

Sinn Féin Assembly member Daithi McKay has said that ham fisted denials by the SDLP concerning their talks with the British government have only managed to confirm that meetings on money for opposition actually took place.

Mr McKay said:

“The scrambling in the past 24 hours from the SDLP aided by the NIO and then the British Secretary of State to try and get their story straight on their discussions about money for going into opposition has been revealing.

“All they have managed to do through their ham fisted denials is actually confirm that at least one conversation has taken place between Margaret Ritchie and Owen Patterson concerning diverting public money into the SDLP coffers in return for joining forces with the UUP in undermining the power sharing corner stone of the Good Friday Agreement.

“The vast majority of nationalists and republicans will judge the SDLP by their actions not by rushed denials. They have been in oppositional mode for four years. Their party leader signalled sometime ago that she saw the future direction of the party in an alliance with the UUP. That is what is now being played out in these talks with the British government.” ENDS

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