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Weekend exposes SDLP as provincial and partitionist party

28 February, 2011

West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty has said that the Sinn Féin performance in the Dail election was ‘an all-Ireland and united Ireland strategy working’.

Mr Doherty said:

“What we saw unfold over the weekend for Sinn Féin was an all-Ireland and a united Ireland project working. Sinn Féin are now a significant political force across Ireland. Our new Dail team working directly with colleagues in the Assembly will be the driving force behind promoting and delivering the all-Ireland agenda.

“It was telling that the only contribution to the election campaign that the Westminster based leader of the provincial and partitionist SDLP made was to say that she didn’t want to ‘interfere in Irish politics’ but arrogantly instructed people not to vote Sinn Féin.

“As nationalists and republicans across Ireland voted for ending partition, for united Ireland politics and for a new beginning the SDLP where once again struggling for relevance as they pursue their link up with the UUP the Tory franchise in the north.” ENDS

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