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Martin McGuinness comments after meeting leader of the British Labour Party

7 March, 2011

Deputy First Minister for the Six Counties Martin McGuinness MP this afternoon met the leader of the British Labour Party, Ed Milliband, when he visited the Assembly.

Commenting afterwards Mr McGuinness said;

“I welcome the opportunity to meet with Ed Milliband today and to take the chance to raise many of the concerns we have in relation to the economy here in the north, in particular the fact that the current Tory Government in Britain have cut the Block Grant by £4 Billion.

The block grant cut runs contrary to the financial agreement arising from St. Andrews. An agreement presented by Gordon Brown and endorsed by the British Government.

It is an ongoing concern that the British Government unilaterally set aside this agreement. The lessons of the peace process tell us that agreements made should be agreements implemented.

If the approach by the current government had have been adopted throughout the peace process we would not be were we are today.

We would hope that the Labour Leader Ed Milliband will recognise these concerns and raise them directly with colleagues across the water.” CRÍOCH

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