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‘Leadership across Ireland’ - 'Ceannasaiocht ar fud na hEireann'

28 March, 2011 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD this morning launched the party’s election poster for the upcoming Assembly and Local Government elections.


Entitled: ‘Leadership across Ireland’ the poster emphasises the significant electoral support the party has in all 32 counties, at local government, in the Assembly and the Dáil, as well as at Westminster and in Europe.


The Sinn Féin leader appealed to voters, ‘whatever your traditional voting allegiance, or if you didn’t vote, use your vote wisely by voting for Sinn Féin candidates’ and he said that the local government and Assembly elections will be about ‘the delivery of jobs and the effective provision public services.’


Mr. Adams said:


‘The Unionist parties are engaged in a sham fight over the title of First Minister.


The reality is that there is not one iota of difference in the powers of the First and deputy First Minister. Both are co-equal holders of the office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister.


For our part Sinn Féin is more concerned with delivery.


The real issues in this election are the creation of jobs, the protection of existing jobs and the effective provision of public services, whether in health, or the environment, or housing, or in local government.


Sinn Féin representatives are blind to the political allegiance of disadvantaged citizens. Our focus is on providing strong advocacy for all citizens, including those living in disadvantaged areas that have been abandoned by big house unionism.


Sinn Féin is determined in government to challenge the cuts imposed by the Tory/unionist government, demand fiscal control of our own economy and deliver improvements for citizens that will make a difference in their daily lives.


We are also about completing the historic mission of uniting the people of this small island. This can be achieved in our time – in our day – by totally peaceful and democratic means."

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