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Fine Gael and Labour being pushed around by EU - McDonald

9 April, 2011

Speaking during a break in the party’s Ard Comhairle meeting today Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald noted that the meeting was taking place on the 30th anniversary of the election of Hunger Striker Bobby sands as MP for Fermanagh/South Tyrone. She said the Hunger Strikers remained an inspiration to republicans throughout Ireland.

The Sinn Fein Deputy Leader said the Ard Comhairle meeting was discussing a range of issues including the continuing fiscal and banking crisis.

Mary Lou McDonald said:

“ Not one more red cent for the banks was what they said.

“Now here we are, less than two months after the election, and already €24 billion more has been promised to the banks and burden sharing with senior bondholders has been completely removed from the table.

“There was also the promise to re-instate the minimum wage to its previous rate this week we hear that that will be subject to EU/IMF approval.

“It is clear that the Fine Gael Five Point Plan, having got them into Government, is quickly turning to a Five Point U-Turn.

“Fine Gael and Labour are being pushed around by Europe.  They need to take a strong stand for the Irish people.

“We said during the election that a Fine Gael/Labour Party Government will not be any different than the previous Fianna Fáil/Green Party Government.

“Their actions in their first month in Government prove the point beyond doubt.”


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