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Adams tells killers of Ronan Kerr — It’s Time to Stop

9 April, 2011

In his latest blog, published today, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has addressed himself directly to those involved in militarist factions such as that which killed PSNI constable Ronan Kerr last week.

He says that despite their death threats against himself and other Sinn Féin leaders, he was repeating his offer to meet directly with such groups and to  outline  Sinn Fein’s  strategy  for advancing republican objectives and in its belief in the futility of armed actions.  

Gerry Adams said it is clear from the overwhelming public rejection of the attack which killed Ronan Kerr that the people of Ireland demand that such groups stop their actions.  

In his blog Adams also address the small number people who he says might have some tolerance for armed actions.

He says: “Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are helping the IRA.  The war is over.  The IRA is gone.”

The Sinn Féin leader said that as had happened in many other conflict resolution processes a tiny minority of those who were formerly engaged in conflict, had now turned their hands to criminality.

He said some people, a very small group, masqeurading as activists are heavily involved in extortion, robberies, and tiger kidnappings.

Adams pointed out that no one is articulating any defence or explanation or rationale for the actions of the militarist groups and asked: “Where are the political groups who criticise Sinn Féin and vent their anger at our strategy?”

He said there is a huge onus on mainstream political parties, civic, church, leaders to go beyond the politics of condemnation and that “the Irish government in particular, along with the Executive have a solemn responsibility to fully implement all aspects of the Good Friday and subsequent agreement.”

The goal in the time ahead, Adams says  “must be  to defend the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement” adding that “the conditions which in the past led to republican armed actions have fundamentally changed. Political conditions have changed. New opportunities now exist to advance republican goals. I am and others in the Sinn Féin leadership are willing to discuss all of this with any prepared to speak to us.”


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