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Home Of Sinn Féin Assembly Member Attacked

21 April, 2004

The home of West Belfast Sinn Féin Assembly member Fra McCann was attacked last night for the second time in recent weeks with ball bearings. This attack follows on from a similar attack on the home of Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Butler last weekend.

Mr McCann said:

" Last night at around 10.30pm ball bearings were fired at the living room window of my home. The window had only recently been replaced after a similar attack a number of weeks ago. This attack is the latest in a long line of such incidents at the homes of Republicans throughout West Belfast.

" Whoever is carrying out these attacks has accurate and up to date information regarding the addresses of Sinn Féin elected representatives. One obvious source of such information is the PSNI Special Branch.

" I note that the IMC in their Report yesterday made no reference whatsoever to the wave of attacks on the homes of Sinn Féin elected representatives. Given the suspicions around the involvement of the PSNI in supplying information to the attackers this is not surprising.

" Those behind these attacks and those supplying them with the information on the addresses of republicans need to know that these sorts of attacks will not stop Sinn Féin representing our communities. We have suffered in the past campaigns of murder organised by the British state against this party and we remained resolute in providing effective leadership within our constituencies. This will remain our position." ENDS

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