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McGuinness announces World of Music, Arts and Dance Festival for Derry 2013

19 April, 2011

Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness during a visit to the Multi-cultural Project SEEDS in Derry today announced that the ‘World of Music, Arts and Dance Festival’ (WOMAD) is to take place in Derry during the City of Culture celebrations in 2013.
The deputy First Minister making the announcement said:
“I want to make an important announcement in relation to the City of Culture programme. I am very happy to reveal that we have managed to secure one of the biggest International Festivals in the world to come to Derry in 2013. ‘WOMAD’ the World of Music Arts and Dance have agreed to bring their unique global festival to Derry to celebrate our City of Culture status.
“While some work still has to be agreed it is expected that the festival will bring over 500 artists and up to 50,000 festival goers in a week long programme spanning the entire city and attracting over £15million to the local economy. For the first time in their 20 year history ‘WOMAD’ has formed a partnership for delivery and its production team will be arriving in the city during the ‘One World Festival’ in June to finalise details.
“I congratulate local organisations ‘SEEDS’ and ‘Beyond Skin’ in joining with ‘WOMAD’ in creating a unique community based arts and culture programme which will start next month with the opening of a ‘WOMAD’ office in Derry. Together they will develop a programme creating a lasting legacy beyond the week-long festival in 2013. Derry has been extremely lucky to have leapfrogged so many other potential locations for the ‘WOMAD’ celebrations. I pay credit to the work of Eddie Kerr of ‘SEEDS’ and Darren Ferguson of ‘Beyond Skin’, who have worked tirelessly over the last three years to secure the ‘WOMAD’ commitment to Derry.
“ ‘WOMAD’ was founded by Peter Gabriel in 1982 and they have brought their global arts festival to over 160 countries performing to over 1 million people. It is a family orientated festival which promotes inclusion, participation and very importantly, sources local skills, local produce and local people to support the vibrancy of this wonderful festival. One of the key elements of the ‘City of Culture’ philosophy is to tell our story to the world and I believe, with the support of ‘SEEDS’ and ‘Beyond Skin’, ‘WOMAD’ will take the story of Derry to a global stage while they bring the best of world music, arts and dance to us. I am very pleased to make this announcement today knowing that the ‘WOMAD’ festival can make an exciting, vibrant contribution to the ‘City of Culture’ and the thousands of people who will benefit from it in the years to come.”

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