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Sinn Fein gives cautious welcome to Referendum pledge

19 April, 2011 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD today called on the government to directly intervene on the issue of the €3 million golden-handshake made to Colm Doherty.

Mr. Adams called on the government to use all the means at its disposal to claw back the payment.

In responding to the Sinn Fein leader’s question the Taoiseach revealed that as a consequence of the Nyberg report the government intends to hold a referendum to reverse the outcome of the Abbeylara Judgment.

While information is scant it would appear that the intention is to allow Oireachtas committee’s greater powers to investigate controversies such as the €3 Million golden handshake given to Mr. Doherty.

Deputy Adams gave a cautious welcome to the proposed referendum.

Deputy Adams said:

“At a time when 2,000 jobs are due to be lost in AIB; citizens are being impoverished by the Universal Social Charge; and the taxpayer is paying billions of euros to cover the debts of AIB and other Banks, it is untenable that the former Managing Director is allowed to go off into the sunset with €3 Million euros.

“There will be an understandable scepticism about the decision of the government to proceed with a referendum given its poor record in opposition to challenging the culture of cronyism and corruption that has existed for so long.

“The wording and intent of any referendum will be carefully scrutinised by Sinn Féin and the government, if it is serious about this issue, should be prepared to discuss any proposed wording with the opposition parties.

“In the meantime, as I said to the Taoiseach today, the government needs to intervene – to bring in emergency legislation if need be – to stop the obscene payment of €3 billion to Colm Doherty.”

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