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Time for Tony Blair to deliver

22 April, 2004

Sinn Féin Assembly Group Leader Conor Murphy has hit back at Tony Blair's comments which attempt to reduce the difficulties in the peace process to one item. Mr Murphy said 'As Tony Blair is well aware there are many problems to be addressed in the peace process not least restoring the political institutions, a proper policing service, demilitarisation, equality and human rights.

Mr Murphy said:

"Tony Blair's comments are disingenuous and insulting, coming as they do from the leader of a government which has refused to deal with the issue of collusion, has failed to fulfil its promises on demilitarisation, policing and equality, among other things, and has set up a Commission which has produced a report based on gossip and innuendo - aimed entirely at undermining republican progress and contributions to the Peace Process. Mr Blair's concept of 'clean' politics is unusual, to put it mildly.

"Mr Blair goes on to say that we must face up to the fact that everything is agreed in the Six Counties and just one thing is needed to put everything into place. Who is he kidding?

"Allegations and accusations of paramilitary activity are not the reason the peace process is stalled. Inertia on behalf of the two governments, their failure to implement their side of the agreement, the refusal of the unionist community to accept republicans democratic mandate ˇ - these are just some of the reasons the peace process has stalled.

"Republicans have fulfilled their obligations in the Peace Process. Mr Blair's Government has not. While he refuses to set up an inquiry into Pat Finucane's murder, while he refuses to co-operate in other areas of collusion investigation, such as the Dublin/Monaghan bombings, while he continues to put on hold his side of the Good Friday Agreement - it can never be claimed that there is only one area lacking in the Peace Process. ENDS

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