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Sinn Féin launch Billboard campaign

27 April, 2011 - by Westminster

Sinn Féin MP Martin McGuinness was today joined by West Belfast candidates at the launch of a Sinn Féin election billboard.

Speaking from the Falls Road, Mr McGuinness said:

“As we enter the final phase of the election campaign Sinn Féin billboards like this will be going up at site across the six counties.

“Our message is a positive one about building a new future based on equality. We are calling for the largest possible vote for Sinn Féin on May 5th.

“In the course of the last few weeks I have travelled extensively across many of the constituencies. There is a clear and consistent message coming across. People want the power sharing institutions to work and they want them defended. Sinn Féin is the party best placed to do this. We are the party providing Leadership across Ireland.”

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