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"Normal Election postal Service Welcome" Fleming

3 May, 2011

Sinn Féin Assembly candidate Paul Fleming has welcomed the return of normal Election postal service following disputes at which previous elections which saw postal workers in Derry refusing to deliver election material.

Speaking as his party handed over 50,000 letters for the local electorate, Councillor Fleming commented: “In recent elections, Sinn Féin would not use the election freepost service in support of the workers who refused to handle election material because they were paid a lesser rate than their counterparts in other parts of the North.

“I am pleased that previous grievances have been resolved to the satisfaction of the Derry staff and Sinn Féin will be utilising the service in this election.

“In fact, we will be sending individual letters to almost 50,000 people in Derry. This includes every female elector and every elector living in the Waterside and Rural areas. We felt this was important to reflect the fact that Sinn Féin is the only nationalist party contesting the Assembly election who is fielding a candidate from the east bank. We are also the only party fielding a female candidate.”

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