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"People Before Profit Candidate's comment deplorable" Fleming

3 May, 2011

Sinn Féin Assembly Candidate in Foyle, Paul Fleming has described comments by a People Before Profit Candidate (PBP) following an incident in Nelson Drive as deplorable.

Paul Fleming said: "During an interview on Radio following an alleged attack on their canvassers in the Nelson Drive area of the Waterside a PBP Candidate commented that during the alleged attack they even 'told the attackers that they were not republicans' and the attack continued.

"PBP needs to clarify their position, do they by their comments believe that if it had been republican canvassers that the attack would have been justified.

"Sinn Féin is on record condemning any intimidation of canvassers regardless of Party allegiance and I find it deplorable that someone who is participating the the democratic process could find such attacks on any party as acceptable. These remarks are something that may be expected from the racist BNP not a party portraying itself as representing itself as a socialist party. I call on the PBP to disassociate themselves from these sentiments.

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