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Irish interests in Europe must be protected – De Brún

9 May, 2011 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Speaking from Leinster House today Sinn Féin MEP Bairbre de Brún said:

"Although we are completely against the arrangement made with the European Central Bank, the Commission and the IMF, we want to see Ireland play a central role in Europe.

“Our aim is to have Ireland's voice heard internationally.

“We are committed to working with other MEPs, with the Oireachtas and with the Assembly in the North to create a better future for all our people.

“Together we will protect Irish interests in Europe.

“We will work together to support farmers and rural communities, local businesses and community organisations protecting workers' rights and promoting stronger rights and protections for people with disabilities.

“We need a European Union that helps equality and that works as a priority for the eradication of poverty, job creation, and defence of public services.

“We face many challenges on jobs and the economy, public services, the environment and climate change, and challenges to our local communities, our farming industry and our farm families.

“We have a vision of an Ireland of Equals in Europe of Equals.

“Unfortunately that is not what we see ahead of us currently. Instead people are worried about their jobs, their future and their homes.

“We see an economic logic that is not to the benefit of ordinary people - a logic that will see savage cuts and that will take away from us our ability to promote economic growth.

“Ireland's debt burden is now unsustainable and it is clear that Ireland will default in the time ahead.

“The policies that the EU/IMF have imposed on Ireland mean job losses, fierce cuts, and a substantial reduction in public services.

“That is not the vision Irish people have for Europe or for Ireland's role in Europe."

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