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Dublin lockdown for visit of English queen unacceptable – Crowe

15 May, 2011 - by Seán Crowe TD

Speaking from Dublin City Centre today, Sinn Féin TD for Dublin South West Seán Crowe described the disruption that will be caused to Dubliners during the visit of the English queen as “unacceptable”.

Deputy Crowe said the fact that the city will be practically on lockdown for the best part of a week proves that this visit is premature.

He continued:

“Today's An Górta Mór Commemorative Walk had to be moved from its proper starting point at the Garden of Remembrance because of the security paranoia that is part and parcel of this visit.

“Many Dubliners are reeling at the degree of disruption that the City is dealing with over the course of the visit of the English monarch.

“A ban on on-street parking in many areas of Dublin will mean serious inconvenience to members of the public, in particular around Parnell Square where there is a busy Maternity Hospital. It is an absolute scandal that pregnant women may just have to be quickly dropped off or even walk to the hospital to give birth. 

“This situation is totally unacceptable, as are the other restrictions in place across hospitals in Dublin.

“This sort of disruption proves that this visit is indeed premature.

“The amount of taxpayers’ money being spent, coupled with the degree of disruption and inconvenience to ordinary people's work and personal lives is just wrong.

 “What normal relationship entails large parts of a Capital City being put on lockdown?

 “Sinn Féin looks forward to the day when there are normal relationships between our two countries - that will put an end to division, partition and lead to the reunification of our country.

"Clearly we have still a long way to go before our relationship can come close to being described as normal.”

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