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Stanley calls for justice for victims of collusion

17 May, 2011 - by Brian Stanley TD

Speaking during a Sinn Féin Private Members’ Motion on the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings, Laois-Offaly TD Brian Stanley called on the British Government to answer questions regarding their involvement in collusion.

The Sinn Féin TD said;

“The British Government still has many questions to answer regarding their involvement in collusion. From the very creation of the Six Counties statelet, there was a campaign of state-sponsored murder and collusion with Unionist paramilitaries. It existed at the very highest levels of the British military and political establishment. The British government's refusal to co-operate with a range of inquiries into state and state-sponsored violence, even inquiries they themselves set up, is symptomatic of a culture of concealment that infects the entire British system.

“During 30 years of conflict Unionist paramilitaries were supplied with information and their actions directed and controlled by Special Branch and British Intelligence Services. From the mid-eighties onwards British Intelligence Agencies effectively controlled all Loyalist paramilitary activity through the use of agents and informers. This included the murders of Pat Finucane, Rosemary Nelson and many other Nationalists and Republicans. The Report of Justice Henry Barron made a significant statement on the bombing of Belturbet, Co. Cavan on 28 December 1972 in which 15-year-old Geraldine O’Reilly of Belturbet and 17-year-old Patrick Stanley of Clara. Co. Offaly were killed. The report names a Fermanagh loyalist, Robert Bridges, as the prime suspect.

“The British government has again refused to co-operate with an inquiry established by the Oireachtas. It abuses its special relationship with the Irish Government in order to avoid international accountability for the actions of its armed forces in Ireland. The Irish Government should not stand for this and should bring the issue of collusion before the court of world opinion.

“As far as Sinn Féin are concerned, there is a responsibility upon Fine Gael and Labour to act on the motion that they endorsed in 2008 to now call upon the British Government to make all files available regarding the Dublin-Monaghan bombings. The British politicians who sanctioned the policy of collusion have never been held accountable. And just as culpulable are those in this state who have consistently put their own narrow self-interest above the national interest, the rights of Irish citizens living in the north and the peace process.”

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