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Sinn Féin Senators join greatly enhanced Sinn Féin Oireachtas team

25 May, 2011

Speaking on the first day of the 24th Seanad Sinn Féin’s new leader in the Seanad, Senator David Cullinane, has said he is proud to be part of an enlarged Sinn Féin Oireachtas team providing real and effective opposition and leadership.

Senator Cullinane said there is a need for real and genuine political reform and that the promises of the recent general election must be lived up to.

He said:

“I am very proud to stand here today as the leader of an enlarged Sinn Féin team in the Seanad and as part of enlarged Oireachtas team providing real and effective opposition and leadership.

“In the space of a few short weeks Sinn Féin has fought a number of elections North and South. The party now has one MEP, 5 MPs, 14 TDs 29 MLAs, 3 Senators, an Udarás member and hundreds of city, county and town councillors across the Island. We are truly an all-Ireland party.

“We will use our increased mandate wisely. We are here to do business and to be part of the solution to the real social, economic and political challenges facing this Island.

“The current economic oppression visited upon so many people by a corrupt and greedy political and economic system is unacceptable and needs to be robustly challenged.

“In the election for the 31st Dáil people voted for change. They voted against corruption, economic incompetence and the sell-out of their country. They were horrified as they watched the erosion of our sovereignty because of the greed of a certain political and social class.

“They voted in droves against the Government parties and for real change. An Taoiseach Enda Kenny described it as a ‘political revolution’.

“A revolution means profound and real change. The reality however is that there has been precious little change and only more of the same.

“I am conscious that this house will be subject to intense scrutiny by the public. There is a need for real and genuine political reform.

“Many promises were made during the recent election campaign – they must be delivered.

“However reform of the Seanad is not a panacea for real political reform. We need to reform the Dáil, the Seanad and Local Government as well as our electoral system.”

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