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de Brun: Urgent Commission action needed on E. coli outbreak

31 May, 2011 - by Martina Anderson MEP


Sinn Fein MEP Bairbre de Brun has called for urgent action by the European Commission following the recent deadly outbreak of E. coli food poisoning in Germany, which has resulted in over a dozen deaths to date.


de Brun said, "I have quizzed the Commission along with other MEPs urging them to identify the source(s) and extent of the contamination, and to give us information on what they have done to date, and are further planning to do.


"Combating a life-threatening outbreak such as we have seen in northern Germany in recent days needs all agencies to be working at full speed.We need close monitoring of this situation, to put at rest the minds of consumers across the EU.


“I would like to reassure people here at home, however, that the vast majority of those affected outside Germany are either German citizens visiting other countries or people returning home from visits to the affected area." de Brun continued.


The European Commission said that cucumbers from Spain had been confirmed as one of the sources responsible for the outbreak in Germany, but the Spanish authorities have strongly denied that the outbreak has anything to do with the country of origin. Contamination within Germany after import has not been ruled out.


“Meanwhile the issue is to be debated by the full European Parliament next week and the European Centre for Disease Control has told MEPs that they are working closely with the German public health authorities on this issue.The European Commission has convened teleconferences to bring together relevant experts and authorities from all affected Member States, as well as the European Centre for Disease Control and the European Food Safety Agency”.

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