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IMC report lack credibility

24 April, 2004

Sinn Féin Assembly member Conor Murphy has said that attempts by John Alderdice to defend the IMC in the media were 'pathetic and without credibility'.

Mr Murphy said:

"John Alderdice is a failed politician. Unable to garner the necessary votes to get elected to Westminster, the British government bestowed upon him a peerage. He was then installed as Speaker of the Assembly and subsequently appointed to the IMC.

"Attempts by John Alderdice to defend the discredited IMC and its securocrat report are pathetic. The fact is that neither Mr. Alderdice nor the IMC have any credibility with the broad nationalist electorate. The IMC is a tool of the two governments and a proxy for the securocrats. No amount of platitudes from John Alderdice will change that.

"Unable to gain a political mandate Mr Alderdice is now part of a unelected and unrepresentative quango exerting a wholly negative influence over the peace process." ENDS

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