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Welcome for Stroke awareness campaign

2 June, 2011 - by Westminster

Sinn Féin Health Spokesperson Michelle Gildernew has welcomed the new stroke awareness campaign launched today by the Public Health Agency.

Ms Gildernew said,

“Over 1300 people take a stroke every year many of them left with disabilities that lessens the quality of their life.  However if a stroke is caught quick enough the amount of damage done can be minimised.

“The campaign launched today is the latest in an attempt to raise public awareness on how to identify when someone is suffering a stroke and what to do if it is happening go someone.

“Most people believe that strokes only affect older people but the facts are that many younger people are now suffering strokes as well.  I would urge people not only to take notice of the ad and how to recognise if someone is having a stroke but to realise the type of lifestyle that can put you in the highest danger of having a stroke and change it if you need to.

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